Sat 9th June 2018


Greenlands Farm Village, Tewitfield, Carnforth


Limited Places

Support Our Sick Children / Help Lancaster Infirmary Children's Ward

Needed Help

You can help us support local sick children at Lancaster Royal Infirmary for Children by supporting our bogie race which will provide new facilities for the children at the hospital.

Support Local Kids

Every donation, big or small means that – together – we can give local sick children the gift of gold standard facilities. Money raised by the Appeal will fund more welcoming spaces to make the children’s time in hospital as comfortable as possible.

Give Smiles

Give our sick kids something to smile about and help provide services which have a much stronger focus on the needs of children and their families.

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Event Sponsors / Sponsorship plays a major role in the success of our event.

We are looking for individuals and local businesses who can either sponsor themselves or raise the money from sponsorship. Sponsorship fee will be £50. All money after insurance will go directly to the Children’s ward, Royal Lancashire Infirmary. Business sponsors also get the opportunity to market their businesses on our website and advertising material.

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The greatest amateur racing event in the World.....Probably! /

We are looking for Families, friends, individuals and local businesses who can either sponsor themselves or raise the money from sponsership. Limited places available to the first 20 bogies registered and paid.

Entrance fee will be £50 with all the money after insurance going directly to the Children's ward, RLI.To enter please use the contact form below and we will get back to you.

The bogie race is a fundraising campaign to support and provide the best possible facilities to improve the lives of seriously sick children from the north Lancashire area.

Any money raised at the bogie race event to help to dramatically improve the children stay at the children’s ward.


Images from the 2017 Bogie race / A fantastic family day out!

Race Event Location

Greenlands Farm Village
Tewitfield, Carnforth
Lancashire, LA6 1JH


01524 784184

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Bogie Construction Rules / Don't be a fool abide by the rules!



Maximum overall length – 2500mm
Maximum overall width – 1500
Maximum weight of vehicle – 100kg


The Bogie must be designed to have at least three load bearing wheels. Each wheel must support at least 10% and no more than 50% of the Bogie’s unladen weight.


The driver must be seated and forward facing.

Bogies must be powered solely by gravity.

Bogies must have an effective steering system with adequate turning ability for the course layout. There must not be excessive free play, or any characteristic tending to promote instability.

Bogies must have an effective braking system. The brakes must be capable of holding the vehicle on a dry horizontal road surface, when laden with driver, against a horizontal load of 500 Newtons (50Kg).
Brakes should be graduated and apply equally to both sides of the Bogie.

Bogies must have no loose parts or sharp edges.

No glass or other materials which could otherwise shatter or cause injuries to drivers and spectators inthe event of a crash can be used in the construction of the vehicle. Any steering column, brake lever orother protusion must be designed and fitted such that puncture injuries cannot happen.

It must not be possible for any part of the driver’s body to become trapped in moving parts of the Bogie (i.e wheels, steering assembly, etc).

Bodywork and controls must not impede the driver in exiting the vehicle unaided.

Any doors or hatches required for driver access must be readily openable from both inside and outside the vehicle without the use of tools.


Bogies will be thorougly scrutineered on the day. Once checked vehicles cannot be modified in any way.
Bogies that fail will be required to make changes or will be disqualified from racing. Bogie teams that are based far away, may have their bogie scrutinised earlier with prior arrangement. Such requests will benegotiated on an individual basis.

Bogies must, in the opinion of the scrutineers, be safe, soundly made and robust. It must not pose any unreasonable threat to the driver, other team members,event officials, members of the public, property or animals in the vicinity.

All Bogies must be available at Greenlands no later than 1pm for inspection and final instructions. The officials decision is final.


Any number of people can be in the team, but the driver/brake person must be over the age of 18.

Bogie drivers must wear a full face helmet with British kite mark. Sturdy gloves, appropriate jacket, longtrousers and appropriate footwear to protect the driver in the event of a “spill”. This applies to single and two person bogies.


Each bogie will be allowed four timed run on the course. Each team may use a different driver for each separate run.

Teams will be allocated a start number before the event and must be ready to begin their timed run when called by the Start Marshal. Any undue delay may result in that run being voided. Each bogie will start from a marked start line, and will be timed from crossing the start line to when the front of the bogie crosses the finishing line. Team members may push start their cart but only until the push line.

Team members may follow their bogie down the course. If the bogie comes to a complete stop, they may assist in getting the bogie moving again, but only until the vehicle can move independently. After the run is complete team members must return to the waiting position ready for their next run.
Bogie drivers must stop their vehicles safely at any time if instructed to do so by a race official. The overall best timed run will be the winner.


Eash team and driver will be responsible for providing their own insurance if needed.


The course runs down the hill beside Greenland Farm Village,Tewitfield, Carnforth, LA6 1JH


Awards will be presented for the fastest time trial, the best constructed bogie, and the fanciest dressed team.


Contact Us / Please use the contact form or call at Munchbox B-L-S. Thank you.